Our Nursery

Our baby room caters for children aged from 6 weeks to approximately 24 months. It is designed to provide a calm and caring atmosphere where babies can learn and grow. It is a fun environment where we share lots of giggles and hugs and cuddles. We appreciate the amount of trust it takes to leave your baby at a nursery. Staff strive to ensure you can confidently leave your child knowing they are receiving the best possible care. Your child will be in a caring, loving and stimulating environment with staff who have the required skills, training and knowledge to work within the baby room.

The toddlers room caters for children aged approximately 24 months – 36months. Toddlers are encouraged to learn and develop through play whilst still having a structured day. Staff in Toddlers have the required experiences to help develop and teach your little ones new skills while joining in with their play.

In Pre school we cater for children aged approximately 36 months – 5 years. In Pre school we help the children with independence and school readiness with a structured day of fun play and learning.

We ensure your child has access to a stimulating, safe and secure environment that will give them opportunity to explore and try out new and exciting activities, interact with staff and other children, whilst exploring and learning as they play. A typical day will consist of lots of play both in indoors and outdoors to develop social awareness skills, sensory and craft play to explore and experiment with their creative side, physical play to develop their fine and gross motor skills, songs and stories to help development communication skills. And all of this comes with lots of encouragement, cuddles and giggles.

Depending on the sessions that your child is booked in for breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided by our cook along with a healthy snack twice a day. We will accommodate your childs individual dietary needs, helping babies making the transition from milk and soft foods to solids, and assisting the older children in being able to self serve their meals with support getting ready for school.

We will provide you with all the information you will need in relation to your child’s sleep pattern for the day, nappy changes and what they have eaten and drunk throughout the day through the use of a daily diary. You can also make any notes in this to tell us anything you need to tell us about your little one.

Each Child has a folder recording their development milestones and we also use Tapestry so parents can track there progress online. Staff will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and use the Early Years Outcomes to monitor and record your child’s developmental progress. Parents are welcome to look at these at any time and are invited to add to the folders or Tapestry with photos of the family events or a particular experience they have shared at home or whilst out and about. We will also discuss your child’s next steps in learning so that you can be involved at home in supporting and recording their progress.