Our Nursery

We all know how hard it is to get children to try new foods and how important it is for them to have a healthy balanced diet.

At Cheeky Monkeys our cook freshly prepares the meals each day. She is passionate about using good quality fresh produce and incorporates this into new and exciting meals which the children love to try from a young age. Eating with their peers often means the children will eat things here that they would never try at home!

We are very happy to comply with any special dietary or religious requirements and always have a vegetarian option available at every meal.

Baby meals are modified versions of the older children’s meals and can be blended or mashed as required.

As well as breakfast, lunch and tea we also provide snacks for the children morning and afternoon to keep their energy levels up. Fresh water is always available and milk is also provided at snack times.

Our menus are seasonal and are repeated on a five weekly cycle with either a pudding or a starter.

Our cook hold all relevant food handling and hygiene qualification and prepare and cook all meals from fresh.

Our menus are displayed throughout the nursery and demonstrate our commitment to offering a well balanced and varied diet.

Every child is encouraged to try at least 5 portions of fruit/vegetables every day. Older children are encouraged to help prepare, serve and clear up after meals.

We believe learning how to choose and enjoy different nutritious foods in early childhood can provide a foundation for a lifetime of good food choices

Our nursery hold a Food Hygiene Rating of 5.

All special dietary requirement can be followed including vegetarian, gluten free and any other food allergies.