Our Nursery

We are lucky enough to have a private enclosed garden at Cheeky Monkeys and recognise how important it is for children to have access to fresh air every day whatever the weather. The garden includes a grassed area for playing ball games or climbing up the wooden frame, a stage for performing your favourite song, a mud kitchen where mud pie making is the order of the day, shady corners where you can read a book, paved area where we can ride our bikes and drive our cars. The opportunities are endless!

Our mud kitchen encourages imagination, communication skills and role play with the vegetable patch supporting the children to learn about growth and change over time, how vegetables grow and even help prepare vegetables that we have grown for meal time.

We also have a large sandpit to help aid gross and fine motor skills, water play and drainpipes which are also good for racing cars and balls down.

We like the children to learn about the environment and world around them by helping them to spot and identify insects, examine flowers and even make a home for a worm that they might have found in the mud kitchen.

Group games are always popular and help the children develop their social skills without knowing it.

We also give opportunities for the children to use their imagination to build and create a den using a wide range of resources available.

The outdoor area is continually changing and extended to help develop the children’s learning and development, covering all areas of the Early Years Framework.